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The International Youth Conference (IYC) is a Model United Nations conducted by the IBDP students of Jamnabai Narsee International School. We hereby present our 15th edition, consisting of five invigorating and varied committees : G8, G14, G20, GSO, GMC. We also have in store the much awaited and prestigious Night Crisis .


From working towards future sustainable development goals and creating a new electoral systemto delving into the past and questioning the clauses of the Treaty of Versailes, IYC offers the ultimate experience. The platform is set for you to rectify the past or optimize the future- the choice is now yours.


With constant threats of crisis, a race against time, and current world issues to solve- you must bring you’re A- game to stay relevant. Time is against you, and so are the suspicious alliances , it truly will be the fittest who will survive.


Delegates, we present to you the International Youth Conference 2019.

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IYC 2018-Opening Ceremony
IYC 2018
IYC 2018-Closing Ceremony
IYC 2017
IYC 2017-Opening Ceremony
IYC 2017
IYC 2017-Closing Ceremony
IYC 2018
IYC 2017

1. Is IYC suitable for new and novice delegates?


IYC is the perfect place to begin your MUNing journey since we boast an extremely experienced Executive Board and Secretariat who will always be available to answer any questions.


 2. When and where will the conference take place?


The conference will take place on the 7th and 8th of September, 2018 at the Sea Princess Hotel on Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai.


 3. Who is eligible to participate in IYC?


Any student studying in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 is eligible to participate in IYC.


 4. What is the dress code for IYC?


Only Western Formal wear is permitted (No skirts, dresses or sleeveless clothes will be allowed).


 5. Does IYC provide meals between conference sessions?


Snacks, meals, and water are provided in each committee session to ensure maximum comfort for participating delegations.


 6. Will I get a certificate for IYC?


All delegates will receive participation certificates at the end of the two days of committee sessions. However, delegates must attend all committee sessions in order to collect these certificates.


 7. Are teachers and faculty allowed to come?


No. The conference is open to students only.


 8. What do I need to bring to IYC?


Delegates are permitted to carry their laptops to view downloaded documents if required. There is no need to carry food and water since it will be provided at the venue.


 9. Will the use of the internet be allowed during committee sessions?


The use of the internet and mobile phones are not permitted during committee sessions. The use of laptops will only be allowed to view offline documents.


 10. What are the resources provided for help with the committee?

Delegates participating in each committee will be given access to a study guide to brief them on the agendas. Additionally, each delegate is provided with a dossier that includes a pen and notepad in order to allow delegates to make notes during committee.

If you have any further questions about committee proceedings or rules of procedure, please feel free to contact the secretariat at presidents.iyc@jnis.ac.in


 11. How does a delegation register in order to participate in IYC?


Once you access the website, click on “Register”, then click on “Committee Registrations” or “GMC Registrations” and finally, you will be redirected to a registration and payment tab where you must fill in all your personal details accordingly. After doing so, you must pay the delegate registration fee and you will finally complete your registration.


 12. Which methods of payment can I use to register for IYC?


A delegate is able to pay the registration fees using: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI or RTGS.


 13. What is the payment structure for double delegations?


In a double delegation, each participating delegate has to pay the price of the registration fee.


 14. Can a single delegate register for IYC?


Yes. If you don’t have a co-delegate, you can register individually and we will select a similarly experienced delegate for you to attend the conference.


15. Can a delegate receive a refund post-registration due to unseen circumstances?


Once registered for IYC, the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances. 

Opening Ceremony:
Closing Ceremony:

Hotel Sea Princess

Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Beach, Santacruz West, 

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

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