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"Made by humanity, against humanity, despite humanity; war prevails"


From aerial attacks to terrorism, the Israel-Palestine conflict has spawned an endless cycle of bloodshed and violence. For a century, this dispute has dominated international affairs, with the region characterized by chaos and anarchy. A clash of different beliefs and ideologies, each held with almost religious conviction, form the basis of this brutal battlefield as both sides attempt to stake a claim to the same territory. Exploiting every opportunity for expansion, they heighten and have, in the past, warred with each other as a result of desperation. With seemingly every fact and historical detail, large and insignificant, disputed by the two parties, it is clear that morals, ethics and humanity have no place here. The leaders of the self-proclaimed free and civilised world express their unique form of collective inhumanity through a constant barrage of silence, false information, manipulation, fear, bigotry, and general ignorance of history. As the conflict gets worse with each passing year, time is of the essence. It is up to delegates of the GSO to determine whether this war-torn region may someday know peace.


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A fierce debater and spirited speaker, she’s negotiated MUNs across the world, from IYC to HMCA. Her warm smile and cheerful nature always comfort those around her, and her vast knowledge of socioeconomic matters truly make her one to contend with. She’s driven, she’s focused, she never fails to stand up for what she believes in. Meet Syna Pal, the Chair of the GSO. 

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He’s a firm believer in the power of hard work, and his steadfast spirit ensures he won’t give up. From kicking it on the football field to kicking it at the conference table- he loves to explore different activities. Meet Aman Jasani, the Vice-Chair of GSO. 

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R & D

His spontaneous disposition and out-going personality makes him the life of every party. From playing drums to scuba diving, his enthusiasm bursts through each and every one of his endeavours. Meet our bundle of energy, Armaan Jain, the Moderator of GSO, who promises to ensure that your MUNning experience will be truly exceptional.

An ardent admirer of art, a perfectionist with an affinity for producing exceptional work, a girl with a quiet demeanour but also one bursting with energy, your rapporteur promises to bring exuberance and enthusiasm to committee. Meet Vamika Goel, an experienced debater and your very own GSO rapporteur.

He’s always ready to take up a challenge, and is strongly committed to executing the task flawlessly. His talents stretch from the keyboard to the computer, and he’s enthusiastic in all his efforts. His helpful nature and unmatched energy will certainly liven up the committee. Meet Yashil Vora, the R&D Head of the GSO.

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In this edition, delegates will delve into one of the most conflict ridden, volatile and controversial regions of the world: Israel and Palestine

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