Agenda 1: Iran USA nuclear warfare

Agenda 2: Libya Crisis: Fight for Tripoli

“War does not determine who is right, but who is left”

In a world which upholds the pillars of united we stand divided we fall; most countries tend to secretly defy one other. The question remains, how far can they go? The Iran-USA crisis is not a conflict between countries but a representation of what happens when there is a lack of trust on both ends while greed for power pervades the personal interests of both countries.  The growing tension in the middle east with the constant reallocation of US military has left the growing fear of another world war, probably the worst of them all because of the advancement in nuclear weapons. To strike a balance in this mayhem in the Middle-east and restore peace you must think outside the box for quick resolutions.





He is a hardworking, resilient and confident individual with enthusiasm as his middle name. A skilled MUNner with over five years of experience in public speaking, he is fun-loving, quick on his feet,   believes that if an opportunity doesn’t knock on our door, we must build a new door. Meet the ever-energetic, loud and bold Sayed Mojtaba Hosseini, Chair of Global Security Organisation.





An ambitious and driven people-person, he has a flair for expressing himself and always carries a witty joke up his sleeve. Being a veteran MUNner, he is an effective and clear communicator, who believes that if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. Meet Samar Devraj, Vice-Chair of the Global Security Organisation.


An imaginative, optimistic and cheerful person, she believes in living life to the fullest. She is confident, approachable and always ready to help those around her. One with a warm and cheerful personality, meet Janhvi Jethwani, Moderator of the Global Security Organisation.


Compassionate, understanding, and calm, she is fun to be around and has an entertaining personality. With a happy-go-lucky nature and a desire to get work done while having fun in the process, she is always smiling and creates a positive atmosphere around her. Meet Nayanika Pasi, Rapporteur of the Global Security Organisation.

 R & D

Empathetic, sensible, and a Jamnabai Adolescent Mentor (JAM) member of the school, she is a great listener and one to come for good advice. She is passionate, hardworking, and her helpful nature compels her to sympathise with others. She is also a techie, a complete foodie, and believes in a balance of working and playing hard. Meet Dhruvi Hindocha Research and Development Head of the Global Security Organisation.

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