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Global Security        Organisation

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"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind."




An enigmatic and headstrong personality, she never resists voicing out views she feels strongly about. She believes MUNs are an outlet for them to put their perspectives and solutions into a diplomatic form, and enjoy assisting others for the same to lead them to success. Apart from that, she is passionate about swimming, and continues to pursue it professionally. With great experience in the MUN circuit of over 30 MUNs, her presence at IYC is invaluable to us, and we are incredibly thrilled to have her here. She's here to give all her delegates an enlightening experience. Introducing you to the chair of GSO, Kyra Sandhu. 


Be it competing in sporting events or battling it out in a MUN, she can always think on her feet and never fails to deliver. Her knowledge and spontaneity are unmatched. She’s fierce, she’s dedicated, she is Piyaa Manghnani, the Vice Chair of GSO.

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R & D

She is imaginative, enthusiastic, and fervently committed to what she does. Her positive attitude and ability to think critically will undoubtedly improve everyone's experience at the GSO. Introducing you to the GSO Moderator, Gayatri Dudani.

If you want to have a rousing debate about Formula 1, have a knack for cheesy jokes, or want to nerd out about math and Marvel, he is the guy to go to. A performer from the womb, having been on different stages all over the city, his musical repertoire exceeds 5 instruments and vocals. He brings originality and tenacity to the table and never backs down from a challenge. Meet the Rapporteur of the GSO, Neel Maheshwari.

A lover of comic books and an absolute geek when it comes to anything related to science or film, he is ever ready to undertake the challenges that GSO brings forth. Having participated in various MUNs from 7th grade and also receiving High Commendation in IYC itself, he is experienced in the ins and outs of Model UN. His knack for observance as well as his limitless tenacity is a massive part of him and as a result Vivaan Sharma is a vital addition to GSO as the Head of R&D.

Delegates of the Global Security Organisation will delve into possibly one of the most controversial, relevant, crucial, and conflicted issue in the 21st century: The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.


Discussing arguably the most relevant and extremely heated topic of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis, the Global Security Organisation lifts the weight of every nation's fate in this conference. If left unresolved, this conflict will affect not just affect the political stability of the world but will also affect aspects such as militarisation, economic sustainability, or social management. With the involvement of Russia, the threat of nuclear warfare remains prevalent and a key issue the delegates must fight using the art of debate. With all that being said, are you willing to carry the weight of the world's peace and harmony on your diplomatic shoulders?


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