“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right”

In a world which upholds the pillars of unity, divided we fall. The Afghanistan Civil War has led to torture, death, and enslavement of innocent lives for more than 15 years. With terrorist organizations like the Taliban emerging, tense uncertainty prevails in Afghanistan. A peaceful future seems unlikely as civil unrest reaches a boiling point, where turmoil will give way to destruction. Lives are destroyed by the power blocs as the future of this war-ravaged country ultimately aligns with their interests. This year GSO summons you to the 11th Emergency Special Sessions Meeting of the United Nations just 24 hours after the UNSC has failed to reach a consensus about the situation in Afghanistan. You must reach a conclusion that is best for all. The nation's fate lies in your hands, but the question remains; What will ultimately prevail, Civil War or Uncivil Peace?


Hriday Thakur


An energetic, caring and inquisitive person, who will never fail to make you smile. His mature and responsible approach towards all the tasks that he undertakes, makes him someone you can look up to. He will ensure that there is an incredible level of debate in committee - thanks to his passion for global affairs. Presenting Hriday Thakur, the Vice-Chair of GSO.

Manan Jain



A participant of international MUN, a scuba diver, an active marine conservationist, a football player, and your next GSO Chair is someone with experience longer than this list. He is empathetic and approachable. Composed in his thought and action, and extremely passionate about economics and current events, he will make this a committee in which every moment will be exhilarating. Presenting the Chair of GSO, Manan Jain.

Krish Agarwal 


A spontaneous person, he possesses the natural ability to be a fierce and well-versed debater. He has a passion for finance and computer science while also dabbling in various kind of sports. An advocate of teamwork and efficiency- meet Krish Agarwal, Vice-Chair of the GSO.

Aaryan Bachhawat


Collaborative, inquisitive and diligent, he believes in the ideology of “Work Smart not Hard”. A renowned musician in school, he has the ability of captivating audiences through his music as well as humorous personality. His ability to work efficiently with his team members is a trait that truly stands out. Meet Aryan Bachhawat, Rapporteur of the GSO.

Nihar Kapasi


An anime and gaming fan, he would welcome multiple perspectives and believes in being dynamic. He is constantly aiming to improve and add to his already existing traits of being dedicated, sincere as well as keeping himself well versed with the latest news. He holds a keen interest in basketball which has taught him to be a team player. Meet Nihar Kapasi, Research and Development Head of the GSO.

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