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For the Group of 14 for IYC 2021, delegates will focus on the possible trigger for World War 3 - The Crimean Crisis


With interaction in committee characterised by fervent debate and volatile diplomacy, the Group of 14 demands delegates give their all to finding a solution to the problem at hand. The Crimean dispute has haunted Europe for years now, and it is up to the delegates to reach a common understanding and solve the issue at hand. The emergence of a crisis at every turn ensures that participants will have to put their best foot forward to prevent the conflict from escalating. Bringing back the world from the brink of battle is not an easy task, and G-14 allows delegates to rise to the occasion. The choice to preserve or destroy peace, and irrevocably change the future, lies in your hands.


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AThis Potterhead believes that a MUN can be a learning experience for not only delegates but also it’s executive board. A history buff and budding poet, he has a way with words that is guaranteed to win you over. His MUN experience and fervent style of speech promise a challenge. Meet Ram Bagri, the Chair of G-14.

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He’s attended several conferences and is fascinated by the idea of a debate. When he’s not belting tunes out at his piano, you can usually find him on the cricket pitch. A curious learner with a thirst for knowledge, he believes in the power of collaborative work and helping others. Meet Vedant Gedela, the Vice-Chair of G14.

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With an interest in economics and current affairs, he welcomes different perspectives, even those he may necessarily not agree with. His experience as a member of the Executive Board and open-mindedness guarantee his approachability. He’s a football fan and a true crime documentary enthusiast. Meet Ruhan Bhakta, the Moderator of G-14. 

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He’s fascinated by mysteries, and always looks at different approaches to a problem before tackling it. Don’t let his quiet demeanour fool you- this talented guitarist can the play the most complicated solos like a pro! He’s an imaginative and eager learner with a cheerful attitude. Meet Akhil Iyer, the Rapporteur of G-14. 

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R & D

As a sports fanatic and music aficionado, her diverse interests make her a multipotentialite. With her outgoing persona, she’s ever-willing to help out.
Meet Yuvna Kumar, the exuberant R&D Head of G14.

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'Those who can make peace also possess the power to irrevocably destroy it"