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The Group of 14

For the Group of 14 in IYC 2022, delegates will focus on the large-scale yet hidden Human Rights crisis: The issue of Islamic Terrorism in Africa and the Boko Haram Insurgency.


It is said that the best way to truly judge someone’s resilience and strength is by observing them during their weakest times and seeing them fight out of it. This year, we at G14, seek to see you strive to resolve imminent threats to world peace while maintaining diplomatic relationships. With the threat of constant crises hanging over the fate of every nation like a double-edged sword, you will have to make difficult decisions, some complex and some against your own will. But they must all be for the best of your country. Unlike others, we discuss and resolve issues, not pertaining to a specific region, but to those that threaten the very existence of our kind. The G14 committee is filled with complicated twists and crooked turns and it is certainly not a committee for the weak-hearted, with the inclusion of the everchanging constant crisis, are you ready to take on the constant crisis committee of G14?

'"Terrorism is contempt for human dignity and individual rights.""




An experienced MUN-er and hard worker, he'll charm you with his easy-going, loveable personality and get you grinning with his contagious smile. Understanding what it is to be a true leader, he will guide you to success with his judgment and debate skills. He's attended numerous conferences and truly understands the meaning of debate. You can usually find him on the football field or at the gym when he's not shredding riffs on his guitar. Greedy for knowledge and growth and eager to put his all on the table, meet Riaan Khan, the Chair of G-14

An avid footballer, he can kick it both on the football field and in the conference room. Whether it's acing a math paper or defusing the most intense situations, he's got it covered.

His unquenchable thirst for knowledge coupled with his problem solving skills make him the ideal EB member. Quick-witted, cool-headed and exceedingly ambitious, meet Madhav Singhvi, the Vice Chair for the Group of 14.

R & D

Be it her confident persona or her drive to perform, she’s got it all. She’s optimistic, persistent and always ready to call one’s bluff and take on challenges. With an eye for detail she would make a great contribution to G14. Introducing G14 moderator, Mysa Shaikh.

A fashion expert and psychology buff, she knows how to look cute while advocating her beliefs. Being a ballet dancer, she doesn’t settle for anything short of perfect. Her approachable nature and vivacious demeanor make her perfect addition to the committee. Meet Ahaana Makhija, the dynamic rapporteur of G14

He's a sports enthusiast with an interest in physics. Fascinated by the idea of debate. His hunger for knowledge and research makes him the perfect candidate for this position. Meet Aditya Pawar, the R&D head of G14.


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