“Those who make peaceful RESOLUTION impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

July 1st 2047. What might seem like a mere date, for Hong Kong it represents the end of freedom and autonomy. It is the day the treaty separating Hong Kong from China lapses. Hong Kong is helpless and hopeless as the country expects independence while China shows little concern for the expiration date. China has encroached its way into the legal, political and social systems of Hong Kong and already punished citizens despite their freedom of speech. As China moves further into Hong Kong, its citizens rush out to pray and protest for their rights. It is your responsibility as a part of the Group of 14 to reach a consensus and make the conflict history. But beware of constantly changing circumstances and power plays for as long as conflict prevails: Mutually Assured Destruction is Inevitable.




Our very own Equestrian and fitness enthusiast has a variety of interests even out of the sporting world. With a high EB and delegate experience, he has discovered a kind fondness towards economic crisis committees. He’s cool-headed and solution mindset makes him a spontaneous thinker. You can rely on him, to take you a long way. Here's the Vice-Chair of G14, Aanay Anandpara.




Vivaan Malhotra is the perfect example of a person with not only an incredible work ethic but someone with an even greater understanding of global issues. He is someone who will not hesitate to get his points and ideas across. Not only does he have a long list of experiences as a delegate but also as an organizer of MUNs. Reliable, approachable, and a people's person, presenting Vivaan Malhotra, the Chair of G14.



She is someone known to be kind and sympathetic, calm yet critical in times of high pressure. Her passion and knowledge regarding global issues, technology, and nature clearly reflect her curious and enthusiastic personality.

Presenting the very experienced, very approachable, Vice-Chair of G14, Naomi Parekh. 



A thorough multitasker and an advocate of teamwork, she excels in every task! She has a plethora of interests ranging from sports – music - theatre and most of all, debate. She is a voracious reader and appreciates good stand-up comedy too. Her motto is “to lead a well-balanced life” and she always abides by it. Meet Sharvani Sampat, Rapporteur for G14.



Responsible, determined and focused, are just a few of the many adjectives that can be used to describe his approach towards life. He strikes a perfect balance between academics and extracurricular activities. He has a keen interest to play the guitar and read books on mythology in his free time. He is an asset to the group. Presenting Aditya Syam, R&D Head of G14.

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