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The Group of 8

                  The Cuban Missile Crisis 

""The path to a world of peace and progress is freedom. The path to that future is peace."


Plunge into the past as you step into the historical committee, the Group of Eight (G8) at IYC 2023. Traverse significant historical events, engage in diplomatic negotiations, and experience the complexities of international relations during distinct time periods. Delve into the causes, consequences, and legacies of key moments in history, honing your research, elocution, and negotiation skills. The G8 committee offers a unique and intellectually stimulating environment for exploring the rich tapestry of history and encouraging better decision-making and broader perspectives today.





A ballet dancer with 11+ years of experience, Aarohi Godha values precision and accuracy above all. Coupled with her excellent elocution skills (don’t let the 5 '1 fool you), as well as an ever-ready willingness to delve into all things creative, she couples her experience alongside her passion for historic events to dive head-on into any crisis G8 may face. Her dedication and commitment to any task, small or mighty, and her quick wit in any situation make G8 an enthralling and nail-biting MUN experience. 

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Meet Aarya, the Vice Chair of the G8 committee. Having studied history from grades 1-10, she believes that one must know their past to live in the present. This drives her to dive deeper and explore further into the past. A strong leader and speaker, she hopes to inspire and educate the members of her committee with the guidance of her head, Aarohi Godha. Her unwavering commitment to making a difference serves as an inspiration to others, thus fueling the growth and success of G8.

R & D

Meet Siddh Chand, the esteemed moderator of the G8 committee, renowned for his prowess as a seasoned debater and numerous national debate triumphs. With a wealth of experience in the world of debate, he brings a unique perspective to the table, skillfully guiding discussions and encouraging collaborative dialogue among delegates. Siddh's exceptional leadership acumen is poised to leave an indelible impact on the outcome of the G8 committee, as he exudes confidence and charisma, captivating the participants and fostering an engaging environment through determination and dedication.

With a passion for all things history coupled with dedication and hard work, Shaurya Kandoi aims to make G8 an enthralling experience for those interested in all things past, present and future. Shaurya brings a unique blend of eloquence and diplomacy to the G8 committee, with thoughtful insights and collaborative approaches that truly make him the perfect addition to this committee. Beyond conferences, he excels in badminton, constantly excelling in all his academic and extracurricular pursuits as well. With a genuine passion for global affairs and sports, Shaurya's well-rounded nature makes him an inspiring presence, leaving a positive impact on those he encounters.

A curious mind for research and a deep appreciation for the arts have shaped her journey and ignited a profound desire to make a difference in the world. Having had a keen interest in history ever since she opened a history textbook in school she firmly believes that our history serves as a profound teacher, offering us invaluable lessons and insights that guide us on our journey through time. Research, in all its multifaceted glory, has become her guiding light. The quest to uncover solutions to the most pressing global challenges excite her. She brings with her a deep-rooted belief in the power of dedication, commitment, and hard work. These qualities form the bedrock of her personality, shaping her approach to leadership.

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