In this edition we will look at the fire which ignited in the middle east just after the everlasting cold war: The 1991 gulf war

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“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.”


‘The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.’ It’s January 1991. The decades-long Cold War has finally ended, leaving the U.S.S.R politically unstable. In the wake of this untimely end, another fire ignites in the arid deserts of Iraq, one that threatens to engulf West Asia. Saddam Hussein has invaded Kuwait, with the Iraqi military dropping an arsenal of bombs on the capital city, causing pandemonium in the region. Kuwaiti civilians and soldiers are helpless against the might of Iraq. The USA has decided to lead an unplanned coalition of 35 countries to carry out a military intervention as a part of its War on Terror. With the possibility of a brutal war hanging in the balance, the Group of 8 allows delegates to change the course of history- the question is for better or for worse. 



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An avid MUN-er and hard worker, he’ll charm your socks off with his charismatic demeanour and intricate dance routines. His knowledge of current affairs, calm composure and debating skills make him the best fit for this position. With a passion for finance, fitness and all things related to Game of Thrones and Marvel, he’s truly an all-rounded person. Meet Ishan Chaudhuri, the Chair of G8.

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When he’s not practicing martial arts or enjoying a Bollywood movie, he’s participating in a MUN with zeal and determination. His critical thinking skills, boldness and energy will definitely enhance the G8 experience for delegates. Meet Agastya Desai, the moderator of G8.

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He’s one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, but don’t let that confuse you- he’s a fervent debater when he needs to be! His experience as an Executive Board member, his amiable nature, and his logical, systematic approach to his interests, from mathematics to music, will serve the committee well. Meet Aadrit Ghosh, the Vice Chair of G8.


With a book in one hand and a guitar in the other, you can be sure that she's up for the challenge! Her affable personality, her status as a trivia expert and her strong desire to advocate for what she believes in will make her an asset to this committee. Meet Deepshikha Mondal, the Rapporteur of G8.

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R & D

A psychology buff and avid reader, she prefers to keep up with current affairs instead of the Kardashians. Her research skills, knowledge of history and quiet resolve make her the perfect candidate for this position. Meet Krisha Valia, the R&D Head of G8. 

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