Agenda: Paris Peace Conference

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”

This year marks the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. A century into the future we have gained enough knowledge of what went wrong. That is why the delegates have been given a chance, to make a difference, to show us how they may have followed their ideologies to give the best possible resolution to the war. "The war to end all wars" has taken a major toll on humanity. It was the first war of its kind to involve civilians from the 4 corners of this Earth. Starting today the so-called peace talks are taking place to seek the best possible solution to end the war. We want you, the delegates, to show whether the age old saying of history repeating itself is true or was there a better alternative for peace.





An avid MUNer and a fan of history and the socio-economic theory, he loves to understand the motives and concerns of people and organizations throughout the ages. Hard-working, passionate and approachable, meet Sorodipto Roy, Chair of the Group  8.


She loves debate and has been in the MUNning circuit for a while. Having won multiple school MUNs and speech competitions, she is a passionate orator and effective debater. She also has a charming, effervescent personality and likes to communicate herself well. Meet Prisha Jhaveri, Vice Chair of the Group 8.

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A passionate leader with a desire to bring about change. She is driven, sincere, and has a passionate love for history. An excellent stage performer, with a joyous, light-hearted personality, here is Tonushree Chowdhury, Moderator of the Group 8.

An aspiring lawyer filled with ambition and dedication, she believes that “if anything is impossible, we make it possible.” Humble, friendly, and easy to approach, meet Anoushka Desai, Rapporteur of the Group 8..

An assistant director and participant at a plethora of MUNs, with a specialisation in journalism and a love for history, he fits his role perfectly. He is always up for a history debate, and can play the guitar too! Here’s Shikar Talwar, the Research and Development Head of the Group 8.

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