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“The tragedy of war is that it uses man's best to do man's worst”

“Sometimes to put the gun down, you have to pick the gun up.” It is November 1955, only a decade after the strong winds of WW2  are finally settling down, that the world fears the probability of a new war. The highly populous nation of Vietnam is on the verge of a civil war as opposing ideologies and foreign influences continue to divide the nation. With the cold war in full force, the veiled conflicts between the Capitalist and Communist nations have manifested themselves within the borders of Vietnam. Diplomacy between the two groups has never been more far-fetched due to their firm beliefs, and it is up to you, as delegates, to find a diplomatic solution. With a crisis at every turn, your actions will determine whether Vietnam is destined to be collateral damage between the two or a manner in which common ground in the name of world peace can be found.

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A fervent fan of MUN and public speaking, he can silence any room with his bold and striking arguments and points. He is always up to date with the latest world affairs and is ever ready for a thriller or drama movie. He is always approachable, a jolly and friendly fellow to be around. Meet

Pravek Malhotra, Vice-Chair of G8.



Here’s one of the most talented members of the Executive Board. An avid MUN-ner and debate enthusiast, his vocal presence in a room is always eminent. With his critical thinking and knowledgeable background, his passions include solving Rubik’s cubes and watching movies. Driven and focused as he is, his passion for history makes him the perfect candidate for his role. Presenting the very skilled, down-to-earth, Chair of G8, Tahaa Mithiborwala.



Pioneer, humble, and humorous are three words that describe him perfectly. Along with being a taskmaster, he is also a shoulder you can always lean on, and the person you can always go to for assistance. A proud Bollywood fanatic, who can face any obstacle thrown his way with ease. Presenting the super energetic

Rishi Mehta, Vice-Chair of G8.



A true movie buff, he always has a positive and approachable aura around him, never failing to take on any challenge rolling his way. He has a passion for MUNning and has consistently pursued it, never letting go of the drive to achieve and accomplish. Meet the ever-optimistic

Drish Chheda, Rapporteur for the Group of 8.



Along with being a zealous and passionate worker, he is enamored by the world of political affairs and history. A multifaceted person, he is an avid motorsport fan and is always up for debate. The one who never fails to pique your interest through his witty comments. Meet

Arush Godha, Research and Development Head of G8.

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