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The Group of 8

In this edition, we will travel back in time to one of the longest and most impactful wars in modern history: The Vietnam War.

"I don't know who sold my homeland, but I saw who paid the price."


In 1954, the worst of humankind manifested itself in Vietnam shortly after their newfound independence from France. The war bore witness to countless war crimes and claimed the lives of millions. After 20 years of fighting, 5 different US presidents and the involvement of over 8 million troops, the prolonged war comes to an end. “Restoring Peace” headlined the end of the Vietnam War as US combat units were withdrawn, leaving southern Vietnam susceptible to a full-scale invasion by the North only 2 years later. The question remains, could there have been another outcome to this historically “unwinnable” war? The Group of 8 gives delegates an excellent opportunity to turn back time and allows delegates to alter the history of events and prevent such a large-scale humanitarian tragedy. Delegates will engage in passionate debates and forge solutions to prevent decades of injustice and generational trauma.




A passionate public speaker and full of infectious energy, from running to writing, she is constantly looking to express her creativity and challenge herself. She's a fierce debater with a vast knowledge of current affairs, she will keep you thinking on your feet and make sure there's never a dull moment in the committee. Meet Sarah Mukhtiar, the Chair of G8.


Mahek Chagani is a powerhouse of hard work, she showcases her dedication and talent through her work, which stands out due to its excellence. She is the right choice to take this committee forward with sheer focus and perfection

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He is a dedicated and focused individual who never shies away from any task assigned to him. He loves reading and keenly follows current affairs. He is smart, articulate, passionate about technology and a ferocious debater. He is your go-to man for any help, technological or academic. Meet Aryan Jumani, the vice chair of G8


He is always ready to take up challenges, and once he takes up one, he will strongly be committed to executing it exceptionally. His talents start from playing the Guitar to a strong interest in Spanish and Economics. His optimistic nature, his enthusiasm and his readiness to help others will certainly serve the committee well. Meet Anmol Agarwal, the Rapporteur of G8.

R & D

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran MUNner, you can always turn to this approachable and affable tech expert for help. His knowledge of procedure, his research skills and his logical reasoning make him the ideal candidate for this position. He’s meticulous, he’s dynamic, he’s committed to give his 100%. Meet Dhruva Iyer, the R&D head of G8.



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