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Global Media Consortium

Diving into the tempestuous sea of journalism in this edition of IYC, GMC delegates will spotlight the truth and nothing but the truth in the face of controversies, conflicts and challenges.


"A pen can transform the boldest criminal into the bravest conqueror."

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The media is regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy, and rightly so. Modern media is the backbone of global opinions. A malleable source of soft power, it is known for its ability to sway public opinion and in some cases, global perception. The media wields the power to raze entire governments, catalyze revolutions, and even influence history as we know it.  GMC provides you with an opportunity to showcase your communication, critical thinking, assertive, inquisitive, analytical and reporting skills, all within the realms of the scope of the agency you represent. From engaging in insightful press conferences to publishing articles to even conceiving broadcast videos, you are ensured unparalleled exposure to and creative freedom in the field of news coverage. Are you ready to fearlessly take on the challenge of upholding the truth in the face of all adversity, conflict and difference of opinion? 


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An avid MUNner with an unparalleled love for basketball, he gives it his all on both the committee and the court. His passion for debate coupled with his affinity for journalism will help enhance the delegation’s experience. His sense of humor and optimistic outlook ensure that there will never be a dull moment in the room. Moreover, his administrative authority, command over the English language, and knowledge of current affairs make him the ideal man for the job. He is Arnav Sirohi, the head of GMC.

Krishnav Malhotra


Gifted with the ability to cook up the hottest takes on political matters, he can do more than just make a mean pesto pasta. If you walk into a room and hear some banging albeit unorthodox tunes, he is surely in charge of the music (rightfully so). A movie buff and student of the theater, he seems to be equipped with an endless reservoir of conversation, making him rather approachable. With an observant mind and listening skills to parallel those of a wallflower, he is the man of the hour. He is Krishnav Malhotra, the Sub-Head of GMC.


Having learnt the art of handling horses early, she has the speed and intuition for maneuvering any situation or set up. The atmosphere she creates around her is unapologetic and humorous even when she’s writing short stories based on science fiction, which lead her to become the head of the school newsletter and sub-head of the Herald magazine. Her eye for detail whether it’s food, body language or the skill of reading between the lines gives her an edge over others. Meet Kiana Thattasery, the Head of GMC. 

Sysha Pal


Head of Ecotopia and a talented artist, her eye for detail manifests in every project she undertakes. With a work ethic so strong and writing skills so sharp, she’s the perfect addition to your journalistic pursuits. Meet Sysha Pal, the ever helpful Sub-Head of GMC.


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