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“People believe what we make them believe."

With shifting standpoints, changing socio-economic conditions and new resolutions being on the brink of revolution, the ability to share this information with the larger masses lies in the hands of only one. One who has the power to represent this in a manner that can shelter or shackle political regimes.   One who can make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and morph facts into an alternate reality. So many agencies, so many articles, so many opinions - who will be read and who will be trusted? Will you be the voice and power of the global media? Will your voice be enough to make or break global politics? Sitting on the sidelines, the direction the world sways is your choice. A committee like no other, with the capability like no other. The mere click of a button can change the world, and as the media, you hold the power to change minds.

Marble Surface



If not dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes, you can find her flaunting her keen sense of fashion. With passion in English, she tends to excel in everything related to reading and writing adding to her creative side. An extremely friendly person, she always believes in working on her long term goals. Someone who will enhance work ethics of the committee with her experience. Meet the super energetic, super fun Sub-Head of GMC, Sanah Panchal.




Whether you try to match up to her random knowledge about the smallest things, ranging from history - travel - biology or her latest wardrobe additions, you cannot keep up. You will discover that she is extremely experienced in MUN, always ready to lend a helping hand. She channels her energy to those around her. Be prepared for the time of your life. Presenting the Chair of the Global Media Consortium, Ahana Vora.



A published author, aspiring journalist, and all-round theatre lover, she has participated in every competition that has come her way. Never to shy away from the spotlight, she loves to dance, act, and debate. Smart and friendly, but with a competitive streak, meet Stasha Mohla the Sub-Head for GMC.

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