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Diving deep into the world of journalism, this year, GMC delegates wield the power to uphold the truth in face of all adversity, conflict and difference of opinion.

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"A pen can transform the boldest criminal into the bravest conqueror."


In the ever-changing world of international relations, conflict is the only constant - conflict between winners and losers, haves and have-nots, invaders and the invaded. What we fail to realise, however, is that it doesn’t matter who wins on the battlefield - but who they believe won. The past year has shown us how the media can entirely transform the narrative, but more importantly, shape perceptions, opinions and mindsets. Ethical journalism has never mattered more than now, in times of deceit and disinformation. Upholding the fourth pillar of democracy is a choice, one you, as a delegate of the Global Media Consortium must make. So what will it be? Ruthless dictator or assertive leader? Bold criminal or fearless conqueror? Baseless invasion or protective measure? Decades of injustice or terrorist aggression? Ultimately, the difference between you and those on the battlefield is that while they fight with guns, you fight with words - perhaps the most powerful weapon of them all.


Our charismatic JNIS Herald Editor-in-Chief, with his riveting way with words, is the most affable, chivalrous person you’ll ever come across. Though ever obliging and always approachable, you probably shouldn’t try your luck if you catch him engrossed reading ‘Throne Of Glass’ or grooving to Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’. His proficiency in and expansive understanding of the nuances of the English language, his comprehensive insights on current world affairs, and his executive presence, all make him the ideal provider of an enriching journalism experience. He’s the driven, conscientious Head of GMC, Ishaan Rajabali.

Rheya Takhtani


She’s a flamboyant dancer who writes with as much flair as she performs. Don’t be fooled by her resting don't-talk-to-me face, she’s ever willing to help (except when preoccupied visualising herself in the Victorian era). Pro-tip for GMC delegates: with her eye for detail and all things aesthetic, you can charm her with flawlessly curated layouts for your newsletters. A connoisseur of desserts and an indecisive libra, all while being a strong-willed perfectionist- she’s Rheya Takhtani, the Sub Head of GMC.


A passionate writer and blogger, her quiet determination and cheerful disposition will certainly enhance the atmosphere of the GMC. Whether it’s tackling the stigma associated with periods through her initiative HerUdaan or binge-watching Friends, her dedication to her interests shines through her attitude to every project she undertakes. She adds colour to both artwork and events, she remains unsurpassed in her knowledge of Gary Marshall movies, she’s Aashi Chandani, the head of GMC.

Tiya Chokhani


With an unparalleled love for photography and video editing, she’s perpetually the designated photographer of the group. Whether it’s a show that came out a week ago or a day ago, odds are she’s seen it - she's your go-to person for show recommendations. You’ll find her spouting random facts about her favourite artists and songs. With one of the brightest smiles you’ll come across, she’ll certainly liven up the committee- she’s Tiya Chokhani, the Sub Head of GMC.

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