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"A pen can transform the boldest criminal into the bravest conqueror."

Meet Ishana, your GMC chair. With a profound love for literature and an insatiable curiosity for politics, she's a passionate writer who can spin words like a seasoned journalist. Her vibrant personality and talkative nature ensure that this committee is engaging and thought-provoking, with a sprinkle of humour to keep the atmosphere lively. Her approachability and enthusiasm make GMC the place to be. 

Meet Krisha Makharia, your GMC vice chair. When she’s not running away from pigeons, Krisha can be heard belting out the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs. She is the girl who will cancel out the entire page because she doesn’t like her handwriting and is an enthusiast when it comes to what the world is talking about. With an intense love for literature, a coffee addiction, and a fiery attitude (don’t let the mother of the group label fool you), she is up for discussions anytime and is the optimist we all need. As an advocate for equality and women's empowerment, she is the perfect addition to the GMC core team. Intertwining her strong leadership skills, open mind, and eye for detail, she is ready to make GMC the best experience for all delegates. 

Introducing Arya Tulsyan, whose unwavering determination defies his modest height of 5 foot 4. With an insatiable curiosity, he tackles challenges head-on and inspires those around them to reach new heights. Known for his structured and organised approach, Arya brings order to chaos and ensures that every task is executed with precision. His attention to detail and ability to create efficient systems result in streamlined processes and optimal outcomes. His tenacity and thirst for knowledge drives him to continually seek growth opportunities and embrace new challenges becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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Global Media

Role of GMC:
GMC delegates assume the role of journalists to inform, report, and document IYC happenings in live time


Immerse yourself in the Global Media Consortium (GMC), a committee unique to IYC, where you will witness firsthand the impact of global communication forums on world politics. As representatives of various media houses, delegates possess unparalleled power to shape opinions, influence history, and catalyse change. This thrilling committee provides an international stage for showcasing your critical thinking, analysis, and communication skills. Embark on a captivating journey in the realm of news coverage as you craft eloquent articles, deliver enlightening press conferences, and breathe life into captivating broadcast videos. Embrace the exhilarating challenge of seeking truth, defying adversity, and empowering the world with your unwavering pursuit of veracity.



Her eye for detail shines through each endeavour, whether it’s organising environmental summits or curating a hyper-specific music playlist. She brings to the table, eloquence and a laser-like focus sharpened by her multiple leadership roles. From fervently capturing each fleeting moment through a camera lens to wielding a paintbrush, she’s all for unfiltered, ardent expression - making her the perfect addition to your journalistic journey, meet Shreya Prasad, your GMC vice chair.

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