“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”

The media is the most powerful entity on the planet. It can make the innocent look guilty and the guilty look innocent. Now, that is power. Thanks to disruptive and innovative technology, information today is transmitted at a speed faster than of light and can be viewed by millions simultaneously. In fact, the media not only reports and forms, but actively affects public opinion. Should you join this unstoppable force, it is in your hands to deliver information to the people - after all, they see it through your eyes.  Make sure you show them the truth. There are plenty of voices and sources - the question remains – will yours be sincere, speedy and spontaneous?  Can you leverage the power of media to make an impact? We are the link between the world and the individual – the connection that people believe in.





A storyteller, an author, a YouTuber, and a visionary with a passion for finding her passion. She loves inspiring people through public speaking and believes in setting high standards and achieving them. Motivated, committed and sincere, her thoughts are unique and her voice is one that stands out. Meet Neeha Gupta, Chair of the Global Media Consortium.


Sweeter than the sweet treats she bakes, she is the type of person to unconventionally lift your spirits up. Her bubbly personality coupled with a deep-rooted vocation for making sure that every individual has the opportunity to be heard deems her to be an exemplary fit for this position. Presenting to you, Juwairiyah Motiwala, Sub-Head of the Global Media Consortium.

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Creative, passionate and hardworking, her artistic talent is exemplary.  She

loves working with people and is caring and considerate in nature. Her thoughts are one to be heard, and she proudly has an opinion on almost everything under the sun. Meet the kind, compassionate Yashvi Ghelani, Sub-Head of the Global Media Consortium.

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