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"Man is born to seek power, yet he is a slave to the power of others."


With new technology being released on a daily basis in the 21st century, the dangers of such innovations has never been more prevalent of an issue. This year, the G20 will focus on the rising industry of Cryptocurrency and the potential threats or benefits that it poses to our world. This year’s agenda focuses on the regulation behind the implementation of cryptocurrency in the financial markets. The number of cryptocurrencies circulating in the market has more than doubled since the start of the year and these digital tokens, marketed with their characteristic of being extremely variable, are decentralized and can bypass government intervention. The dangers of allowing cryptocurrency to enter the financial markets without regulation are many, and it is up to you to defend your nation’s economic policies and propose creative solutions which avoids all risks of the implementation of cryptocurrency. A crisis with such a large global impact, no voice should go unheard. Welcome to the Group of 20.


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From boxing to programming, to playing a plethora of instruments, Gore (as he likes to be called) can do it all. These skills weren't gifted to him, from the womb till the tomb, he makes a constant note to learn something new whenever possible. This trait, matched by his perseverance gives him the ability to adjust to any situation. A daily must for Gore is to check the news app as soon as he wakes up to stay in touch with the ongoings of the world. Meet Arjun Gore, the Vice-Chair of G20.

R & D

An outgoing personality with a strong passion for dancing and sports, she's a meticulous worker who is ever willing to help out. She's a true bollywood enthusiast with admirable photography and recording skills. Her cheerful attitude and open mindedness along with her energy and zest to make the most of every situation will definitely enhance the G20 experience for delegates. Meet Sia Diwan, the moderator of G20.

With her witty replies and ability to thrive under pressure, she strives to achieve to the best of her ability. Don’t be fooled by her introverted persona that always makes shoe contact before eye contact. She approaches every challenge with creativity and vigor thanks to her many passions ranging from dance to baking. Her upbeat view on life, willingness to assist and deep interest in current events will undoubtedly benefit the committee. Meet Anika Sehgal, the Rapporteur of G20.

Don’t let her innocent looking face fool you, she has many tricks hidden up her sleeve which are bound to leave your jaw dropped. You can catch her making the most incredible notes or taking part in the silliest of shenanigans, she is a person who can take part in anything and be best at it. Her intoxicating laugh won’t let you leave her side, and her witty brain will always help you get out of trouble. The epitome of responsibility as everyone likes to call her, her name is Ssaumya Jaiswal, and she is your R & D for G20 in IYC 2022.

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In this edition of IYC, be ready to undertake the newest economic challenge that has perplexed world governments with its volatility: The regulation of the implementation of Cryptocurrency in financial markets.

The Group of 20

Don’t judge him by his short appearance, he is more capable than you think. With a surplus of leadership qualities, you know you can depend on him in any situation. Soft on the outside and tough on the inside, he is the type of guy you know will always be there for you through thick and thin. And if you are ready to pick up a controller and play Fortnite with him, he won’t leave your side for all of eternity. Be it playing a prank on a friend or staying awake all night finishing assignments, you know he will always be by your side. So, what are you waiting for? Say hello to your pal, your amigo, the charismatic Chair of G20, IYC 2022, Daksh Mor!




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