"Man is born to seek power, yet he is a slave to the power of others."


The race to economic superiority in today’s world often leaves behind the true essence of humanity. The worst of these evils manifest themselves in human trafficking, leading to the systemic exploitation of men, women and children alike. The Group of 20 gives delegates an excellent opportunity to bring an end to this  humanitarian tragedy, which has been neglected by world leaders for years. Trafficked individuals, subjected to racial inequalities and a myriad of human rights violations, are turned into mere pawns of an exploitative system, leading to unjust financial gains. While the more economically stable countries act as the destination, the underdeveloped countries act as the source and transit. The lack of industrialization, job opportunities and rise in illiteracy has made human trafficking an open wound on the body of contemporary society. Members of the Group of 20 will engage in heated debates and forge global solutions to prevent another decade of injustice.


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If she’s not taking on mental health, you can be sure to find her blazing a path on the racetrack. Being an athlete, she truly understands the importance of discipline and dedication. Her comforting smile, her sense of adventure and her energetic demeanour inspire all those around her to put their best foot forward. Meet Rhea Agarwal, the Vice-Chair of G20.

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She’s a meticulous worker with a bubbly demeanour that, along with her penchant for sarcasm, energises all those around her. Her attitude to work is demonstrated by her readiness to help her team and make the most of every experience, A passionate dancer, she can kick it not only at the studio, but also at the conference table. Meet Kariesa Rohra, the Moderator of G20.

A robotics aficionado, he believes that working consistently will lead to success. His optimistic outlook on life, readiness to help and keen interest in current affairs will definitely serve the committee well. With numerous passions that range from sports to photography, he takes on every challenge resourcefully and dynamically. Meet Mahir Shah, the Rapporteur of G20. 

A spontaneous thinker, an outspoken debater and and hard worker could all be used to describe her. She thrives under pressure, can construct thought provoking arguments and is always ready to assist those who need help. Her passion for economics and knowledge of current affairs promise rigorous debate. Meet Anoosha Sehgal, the R&D Head of G20.

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This year brace yourselves to explore “the forbidden crime,” the one whose solution has perplexed authorities since the inception of the UN: human trafficking.

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Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran MUNner, you can always turn to this approachable and affable tech expert for help. His knowledge of procedure, his MUN experience and his passion for economics make him the ideal candidate for this position. He’s diligent, he’s enthusiastic, he’s ready to bring his all to the table. Meet Vivan Agarwal, the Chair of G20.