“A nation is only as strong as the health and wealth of its weakest”

An unforeseen pandemic, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, millions at risk and the world in utter chaos. Let us, the Group of 20, come together to discuss, debate and come up with efficient recovery plans at the for the various economies devastated by this crisis. Delegates will find themselves in situations where they decide the cost of salvation. Health and wealth, member nations deal with the two most imperative and pressing issues. At IYC 2020, it is crucial for G20 members to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable development goals 3, “Good Health and Well Being" and 8, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. Delegates will engage in invigorating debate and discussions on the impact and a recovery plan from the current socio-economic crises.




Holding experience in MUN and having been part of various EB’s, he is someone you can depend on to elevate the committee. His knack for getting things done systematically, along with his easy-going and friendly personality makes him extremely approachable. Meet the responsible and resilient, highly motivated Vice-Chair of G20, Aradhya Rathi.




The Chair of G20 is someone who radiates positivity to those around her. While living in her own bubble of joy, she has not only repeatedly proven to be dedicated and driven in all her endeavours but is enthusiastic to plunge into new ones. Being well experienced at MUN, she is sure to bring out the best from all delegates in her committee. Be ready to meet the Chair of G20, Tara Dave. 



When you hear a voice down the hall, you know it's her! Cheerful yet dedicated, her skills extend out of the MUN world to dance, sports and art as well. Don’t be mistaken by her calm disposition, as her ability to superintend is enough to assert her dominance. Your Vice-Chair of G20, Bhavya Shah is everything you wished for. 



He is a jack of all trades, who perseveres to excel in any environment he is put in. He prefers his tasks to be detail-oriented. He is jovial and supportive, always willing to go the extra mile. A passionate footballer and athlete, he understands discipline and teamwork. Meet the bold and lively, Aditya Jumani, Rapporteur for G20.



She will always offer you a witty reply and that is just one of her traits admired by all. A helpful, loyal, and humorous personality who loves a good book, especially about physics and its theories! She has an abundance of interesting facts up her sleeve, specializing in those related to Greek Mythology. Meet Kamyaa Doshi, Research and Development Head for the G20.

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