Agenda 1: Electoral reforms- election funding as a threat to democracy

Agenda 2: Sustainable development goals of UN

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”

Today money has become a requisite for political power and is unduly influencing elections.  It is up to the G20 to set this right by creating a new electoral system in which the flow of money is fair and transparent and is shielded from cyber threats in the digital age. In a world where foreign powers like China and US dictate the policies of smaller countries and governments commit the very crimes UN works to prevent, how can democracy stand its current challenges? G20 will also work to achieve the goals of sustainable development set by the UN. Working with huge numbers and statistics, delegates will set out on a race against climate change and urbanization to find innovative solutions to the challenge of sustainability. The unseen and unexpected awaits the G20.





She has been to and won several MUNs and chaired a few herself. She is passionate about discussions relating to feminist rights and authoritarian leaders. She loves reading everything from classics to contemporary authors. She truly is experience and elegance personified. Meet Suhani Mangal, the Chair of Group 20.





Well known for his confidence and public speaking, he is a comical character to associate with.

Having attended several international MUNs, he is well-versed in parliamentary procedure. He adds to the expert calibre of the rest of the EB and will create a humorous and engaging atmosphere in committee. Meet the versatile Krysh Wadhwani, Vice-Chair of the Group 20


Being an experienced MUNer, he is unbiased and an analytical thinker. His experience at MUNs has bagged him the Best Delegate award at a number of MUNs.He believes in facts over emotions, as well as team spirit and inclusion. Meet Anuraag Thakkar, Moderator of Group 20.


Equipped with a  tenacious, never say die spirit, she has many aspects to her personality. She is not only an experienced MUNner who has bagged several accolades but is also a pianist of the highest calibre with a witty mind. We present Anahita Dhru , this year’s dynamic, energetic Rapporteur of Group 20.

 R & D

A passionate researcher and effective debater, he is an avid MUNer with several accomplishments under his belt. He keeps tabs on all current affairs, and prides himself on his planning skills. Here’s the ever-helpful, cheery and radiant, Mahir Bhagtani, Research and Development Head of Group 20.

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