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Presidential Statement

With the threat of a global pandemic on our hands, the JNIS International Youth Conference is now going online. With the inherited legacy of the past, we are back with an acculturated and sophisticated version of the JNIS International Youth Conference. Like always, the committees of IYC offer vast and interesting agendas to discuss, with crises around every corner, so only the best, the sharpest and toughest of all will prevail.


At the International Youth Conference, we aim to offer our delegates the best, and most exclusive of experiences, and we endeavor to offer something for everybody - regardless of experience. With Executive Boards unparalleled in MUN experience, we ensure the most enriching experience for each and every delegate, be it your first MUN, or twentieth.


The clock is ticking, and each country fights to survive neglected standards of international peace and security, to either create a new future, or completely destroy it. So, delegates, we, the presidents of IYC 2020, invite you to a universe of attentive debating and deliberate for two complete days.

Welcome to the International Youth Conference, 2020.


Renée Singh and Rajveer Singh 

Presidents of the International Youth Conference 2020  

Jamnabai Narsee International School

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The MUN is set to take place online. 

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