23rd and 24th September

" It is not enough to win a war; it is more important to organize the peace "


The Clock is ticking!


Presidential statement


The 17th International Youth Conference commences at a time when the Anglosphere has erupted into chaos. Racial tensions have contributed to ever-growing mass polarisation, the Caucasus is coming to terms with a devastating war, the Levant burns as terrorism fans the flames of hate and communities all over the world clash on sectarian lines. World issues have more gravitas now- conflicts have begun to hit home for people like you and me. 

Many of us have felt the direct consequences of global changes; some of us may have even lost loved ones to them. Our communities - at home and in the diaspora - all subject to the shifts that modern global events bring. A solution presents itself through debate- this activity allows us to understand and appreciate the diverse perspectives and worldviews that shape our understanding of global affairs. And what better place to demonstrate your argumentative skills this year than at IYC? 

With an experienced executive board, some of whom have over thirty MUNs under their belt, and creative teams who have put their shoulders to the wheel to bring you a challenging two days, this Conference will surely leave it’s mark on you, whether it’s your first or tenth MUN. Ever since its inception 17 years ago, IYC’s purpose remains steadfast: to encourage delegates to partake in healthy, fruitful debate to resolve problems of global importance. With crises around every corner, only the best of the best will prevail. To prove yourself, you have to stare into the eye of the diplomatic storm and use the power of your words to make a change. 

The hands of the clock may continue to turn, but time is limited. We, the presidents, invite you to a platform for fierce debate, diplomacy and conflict. Welcome to the International Youth Conference, 2021. 

Aisha Tharaney and Aditya Goswamy 

Presidents of the International Youth Conference 2021

Jamnabai Narsee International School