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23rd and 24th September

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”
- Nelson Mandela


Registrations open till the 18th of September

The Clock is ticking!



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Commencing post the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, multiple political catastrophes, a series of humanitarian nightmares, and a war that almost began WW3; the 18th edition of the International Youth Conference returns to its old ways in a new world. 


Amidst the spiral of political tensions, IYC 2022 returns offline and paves the path for intense debates, strategic alliances, diplomatic aptitude, and never-ending crises. From the belligerent Russo-Ukraine conflict to the rise in Cryptocurrency, the International Youth Conference allows us to understand and appreciate the diverse perspectives, cultures and worldviews of the new world. 


With an accomplished executive board, some of whom have nearly 40 MUNs to their name, and an innovative team that has spent countless days to perfect the details of the event, the organizational committee brings you one of the most enthralling and challenging conferences. Whether it be your first MUN or your tenth, IYC 2022 is sure to captivate and give you the confidence of a lifetime. Since its establishment 18 years ago, the purpose of IYC remains constant- to tackle the problems of a new world, with new leaders and new ideologies and give rise to a fierce yet healthy war of words to resolve matters of global importance. The stakes have risen, the shattered concept of human rights has never needed more attention and resolution, and it will only be the daredevils that will prevail from the diplomatic storm as the best of the best. 


We, the Presidents, invite you to the stage of diplomacy, resolution and ever-changing conflict. Welcome to the International Youth Conference, 2022, with memories to make and history to write in this new world.

Rishma Kakar and Srikanth Thirumalai Kumara

Presidents of the International Youth Conference 2022

Jamnabai Narsee International School

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