Meet The Team

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If you happen to hear carnatic music or kashmiri poetry playing at full volume, you’re probably within a 5-meter radius from the vivacious, most convivial person you’ll ever meet. Though he might seem intimidating at first with his unending erudition on topical events and global politics, give him 5 minutes, and you’ll be instantly swept away by his infectious energy. Don’t let his tousled hair fool you though, his unswerving confidence, convincing opinions and a zealous passion for debate lend him the ability to stimulate every conversation. He’s Aditya Goswamy, the dynamic, multidimensional President of IYC 2021.

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If you come across a girl fiercely debating about her political opinions, peppered with frequent reviews of Japanese eateries around the city, you’ll be surprised to find that there’s a baby-face attached to it. That's the face of your president. Ever met an eloquent visionary with a chill spontaneous persona? She’s one of the few people we know who possesses both of those qualities- her ability to think in the macro-scale is nothing short of infectious, making her a natural leader. Vivacious conversationalist- check, your go-to person for playlists, double-check. Her extensive accomplishments are directly proportional to her sky-high ambitions- she’s Aisha Tharaney, our charismatic President of IYC 2021.

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Vice - President

His persevering attitude and lively air make him an asset for any team. When he’s not blowing away the audience with a guitar in hand, you can find him planning the next big event with the Student Council. Armed with a sense of humour that never fails to entertain his team members, he can complete the most arduous projects efficiently. An F1 enthusiast, badminton player and dog lover- he’s Aryan Ghosh, the Vice President of IYC 2021.

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Vice - President

Her ability to keep a cool head whether she’s negotiating aerial silks at 25 feet or acing an exam make her a valuable person to have on the team. Don’t let her calm demeanour fool you; she’s passionate in all her pursuits and can meet the strictest of deadlines with her strong work ethic. Well read (as evidenced by her vast knowledge of Young Adult fiction and her extensive booklist) and articulate, her quiet confidence inspires all. She’s Kaashvi Jajodia, the Vice President of IYC 2021.