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Meet The Team

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Zaara Merchant


Meet Zaara Merchant, the tenacious and driven IYC president with an unyielding pursuit of excellence. Her wealth of experience as a debater equips her with a deep understanding of current affairs and Model UN conventions, enabling her to lead high-octane exchanges that inspire and elevate the entire community. Zaara's perfect blend of intellect and wit makes her an inspiring and cherished presence in any setting, uniting the IYC members with her charismatic leadership style and fostering a collaborative spirit that propels the organization to new heights of success in the world of Model United Nations. Zaara's strategic vision and ability to rally the team around a common purpose have led to groundbreaking initiatives that address pressing global challenges. Under her inspiring leadership, the IYC continues to make a lasting impact on the premise of Model United Nations, leaving a legacy of empowerment, diplomacy, and positive change.

Dheesh Jethwani 


Meet Dheesh, your IYC President, who is a whirlwind of charisma and dynamism wherever he goes. His easygoing nature and enterprising spirit make him an instant hit with people from diverse backgrounds. With an abundance of humour and confidence, fearlessly venturing into uncharted territory. A fierce debater, he navigates discussions with flair and conviction. His magnetic presence and quick wit command attention effortlessly. Among his many passions, Model United Nations (MUN) holds a special place in Dheesh's heart. His eyes light up when global issues are discussed, and he actively engages in diplomatic dialogue to discover innovative solutions. A participant of IYC since its 2020 version he wishes to ensure that the delegates have as dynamic of an experience as he did. Dheesh's persuasive advocacy for constructive discourse and international collaboration leaves a lasting impression.


Jiya Chhugera 

Vice - President

With 100 words a minute of speaking time coupled with her more than 6 years of active MUNing experience, Jiya Chhugera strives for only one thing: Making IYC as engaging and enthralling as possible for every single delegate. From designing the website layout to creating and formatting your study guides/country matrices, she does it all, inculcating her hard work(and a little bit of chaos)into everything she does. With her meticulous organisational skills (ask the million Excel sheets created these past few months) as well as her undying love for all things writing and editing, she remains a force to be reckoned with, inculcating passion and drive into all tasks she takes on. As a published author and certified book nerd, Jiya's intellect and creativity infuse IYC's initiatives, inspiring the entire team to strive for excellence. She hopes that every delegate enjoys and learns from IYC as much as she has, making the confrence unforgettable for all.


Aayan Kabra

Vice - President

Aayan Kabra is a dynamic problem solver whose passion for excellence shines through in every endeavour he undertakes, from sustainability initiatives to global economic challenges. As a natural leader, he dedicates himself wholeheartedly to leading teams in Ecotopia, the Student Council, and the International Youth Conference, fostering growth and learning for all involved. His drive for success in both academics and extracurricular pursuits makes him an invaluable Vice President for IYC, driving the organization towards new heights of success and impact. Aayan's innovative thinking and collaborative spirit enable him to tackle complex issues with ease, setting a standard of dedication that inspires others to join his transformative initiatives. With a strategic vision and genuine concern for global issues, Aayan's contributions leave a lasting impression on the organization, inspiring positive change and empowering our team.

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