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Meet The Team

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A prominent leader, an animated orator, a drummer and even an international Table Tennis player, he is renowned for his versatility and all-around nature. With his ardour for current affairs and global politics, he is never at a loss for words in a conversation or even a debate. An experienced MUNner, He always has unorthodox perspectives to offer that often bewilder his opponents while blindsiding them with his impeccable knowledge of almost everything under the Sun. From shredding on the drums to heavy rock music to shredding his opponents' arguments with his way of words, he has it all. He’s Srikanth Thirumalai Kumara, the zestful, multi-talented President of IYC 2022.



Vice - President

Meet Armaan Chhabra, the guy who will always be your tall friendly giant, forever optimistic and encouraging. His intense work ethic and resilience make him a very dependable person by nature. You can always find him either reading physics journals or engaged in his latest exploits, which include making drones, playing the guitar, and basketball, or listening to the Beatles. His immaculate and strong grasp of leadership qualities coupled with his fiercely helpful nature and adventurous attitude is what sets him apart. Look again at that wide smile, and notice who he really is. He’s the man for the job, the Napoleon to your army, the missing piece of your puzzle. He is your Vice President for IYC, 2022, and he will persevere.

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A leader, a curious mind, a debater and a geopolitics nut, that’s Rishma Kakar, the President of the International Youth Conference 2022. She has participated in various MUNs over the years and is an advocate for greater political awareness among the youth. Making the 2022 IYC an enriching and enjoyable experience for fellow students has been on top of Rishma’s priority. She has been pulling together the organizational, financial and social capital at her disposal to make sure that students have a great time debating the issues that hold great relevance for us, while forming better friendships and associations. She believes that everything that happens out there in the global political arena affects us and we must debate issues and find timely solutions to create impact on our world. Allaying fears leads to more cheers; that’s Rishma’s formula for debating success.

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Vice - President

Driven, passionate, and bold, she’s never one to back down from the impossible. Whether it’s negotiating for a mark or naming every country’s capital, she’s got it covered. Equipped with a witty comeback for everything and a sense of humor that leaves you with a stomach ache, she never fails to leave an impression on her peers. Her strong work ethic and unwavering confidence make her a valuable asset to any team. With an ardent passion for debate, she’s notoriously known to win every argument, no matter the scale. Ambitious and humble (most of the time) - meet Naavya Sheth, the Vice President of IYC 2022.

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