Get to know your IYC presidents
Rajveer Singh
Renée Singh

Whether you see him on the football field, an online Ludo game or a committee session, he is someone who always plans two steps ahead of the rest. With knowledge so vast that he can engage you in a verbal duel- no matter when and where. His pragmatic mindset makes him shine. His quick-witted personality and impactful one-liners never fail to keep the audience amazed and entertained. Presenting the supremely talented, someone who never fails to speak his mind, the President of IYC 2020, Rajveer Singh. 

Armaan Sheth

He is someone who believes in practicality and rationality but does not let that stop him from being adventurous. Not only is he an experienced leader, but even an avid debater, actor, orator, and much more. His ability to have a positive outlook and cool mind is what allows him to overcome even the most stressful situations, making him an efficient problem solver. Presenting to you, the talented, Vice President of IYC 2020, Armaan Sheth.

Be it her passion for chemistry and humanities, she demonstrates her liberal and holistic approach to all endeavours she takes up. She is exemplary. She is someone who is well informed, which can clearly be seen through the stimulating conversations she initiates or even how she advocates for what she believes in, never letting others' opinions falter her mindset. Someone who sets trends, and knows the real sense of leadership. Meet your IYC 2020 President, Renée Singh.

Kiara Gandhi

Whether it is her confidence that makes her come across as a striking leader or her approachable and open-minded nature, she has it all, the skill, the ability, and the desire. Not only is she experienced and can handle every situation maturely, but her “Mom of the Group” attitude makes her loved by all. Introducing Kiara Gandhi, Vice President of IYC 2020.