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  • When and where will the conference take place?
    The conference will take place physically on the 15th and 16th of September, 2023 at Sea Princess Hotel, Juhu. Other necessary information will be provided a few days prior to the conference.
  • Is IYC suitable for novice delegates?
    IYC is the perfect place to begin your MUNing journey since we boast an extremely experienced Executive Board and Secretariat who will always be available to answer your questions.
  • How should one prepare as a novice delegate?
    Be aware about your country’s policies, talk to other experienced MUNers for tips, and read news from varying sources to understand different perspectives. Al Jazeera,, BBC news, and the study guide (refer to point 8) are all comprehensive resources to get you started.
  • Is IYC suitable for experienced delegates?
    The Executive Board and Secretariat consists of experienced MUNers who promise to maintain an intense and engaging level of debate. The renowned “Night Crisis” committee (refer to question 15) makes IYC stimulating for even the most experienced delegates.
  • Who is eligible to participate in IYC?
    Any student studying in Grade 9 to 12 (irrespective of the school's curriculum) is eligible to participate in IYC.
  • What is the dress code for IYC?
    Western Formal (No skirts, dresses or sleeveless tops).
  • Will I get a certificate for IYC?
    All delegates will receive a physical copy of the certificate at the end of the two days of committee sessions. However, delegates must attend all committee sessions in order to claim these certificates.
  • Are teachers and faculty allowed to come?
    No. The conference is open to students only.
  • What are the resources provided for help with the committee?
    ​Delegates participating in each committee will be given access to a study guide to brief them on the agendas. The same has a section titled “Areas for further research.” If you have any further questions about committee proceedings or rules of procedure, please feel free to contact the secretariat at
  • How does a delegation register in order to participate in IYC?
    Click on “Register" which is at the top right of the dashboard. This will direct you to a google form where you have to fill in the various details asked. Once done, you will automatically be directed to the payment link in order to complete your registration process. If you have any queries you can always feel free to reach out by contacting us.
  • Which methods of payment can I use to register for IYC?
    A delegate is able to pay the registration fees using: Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI or NEFT/RTGS with applicable charges.
  • Does IYC 2023 have double delegation?
    Yes. This year IYC will have double delegation!
  • Can a delegate receive a refund post-registration due to unseen circumstances?
    Once registered for IYC, the amount will not be refunded under any circumstances nor is the same transferable.
  • How will the committees be structured?
    Each committee will run one independent session.
  • Which awards will be distributed at the end of the sessions?
    Best delegate of IYC Best delegate of each committee High commendation Special mention Verbal mention
  • What is "Night Crisis" and how can you be selected for it?
    The Night Crisis is IYC’s renowned committee, exclusive to the delegates that surpass excellence. They will be up against each other to engage in fierce and impromptu debate on matters of global urgency. The winner will claim the elusive title of the Best Delegate of IYC. In order to be shortlisted for this session, delegates will be judged on numerous skills and must excel in each of the criteria to create a strong impression on their respective chairs.
  • Is there a general assembly session to present solutions?
    The International Summit gives delegates a platform to present their respective resolutions to all the delegates participating in IYC.
  • What MUN procedure does IYC follow?
    ​IYC follows the UNA-USA procedure with a few modifications.
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