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Find out more about the International Youth Conference!


This year’s International Youth Conference gives you a chance to partake in five unrivalled committees- the Group of 8, the Group of 14, the Group of 20, the Global Security Organisation and The Global Media Consortium.  Furthermore, those that prove themselves worthy shall be invited to the exclusive and prestigious Night Crisis. Held on the 15th & 16th of September 2023, IYC, one of the most prestigious pan-India MUNs, gives your résumé a considerable advantage on fronts such as oratory ability, tolerance and diplomatic competence. Participants from all across the nation mean that delegates get to expand their outreach and connect with like-minded individuals. The IYC is more than just a chance to enhance your communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills. It is a golden opportunity to demonstrate your leadership ability and excel in a noble endeavour, all while helping sow the seeds of tomorrow.

What makes IYC so unique?

The International Youth Conference (IYC) is a student-led Model United Nations that unites young minds to discuss pressing global issues. Led by an experienced board of chairs and crisis teams, the conference covers diverse and relevant agendas that prevail worldwide. With the added incentive of awards of Best Delegate, Best Delegation, High Commendation and more, the IYC provides an inspiring platform for youth to develop diplomatic skills, foster international policies, and address shared challenges, promoting a brighter future driven by the united voices of the next generation.

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