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The International Youth Conference (IYC) is an esteemed Model United Nations organised by the Grade 12 IBDP students of Jamnabai Narsee International School. For the 16th edition of this MUN, we are back with five exhilarating committees with new and improved twists. In addition to G8, G14, G20, GSO and GMC, we have another session of the invigorating Night Crisis!


As a delegate of the United Nations, the past, present and future lies in your hands. The power of the world is bestowed upon you, and it is you who decides which direction to steer global politics in.


With every passing minute, you will be put to the test to see the extent to which you will go to, to defend your nation and its beliefs. With shifting alliances, changing strategies and new-formed resolutions, surrendering, sometimes, is better than defeat.


Presenting the online International Youth Conference 2020!

IYC 2019-Opening Ceremony
IYC 2019-Closing Ceremony
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IYC 2018-Opening Ceremony
IYC 2018
IYC 2018-Closing Ceremony
IYC 2019
IYC 2018
1. When and where will the conference take place?
2. Is IYC suitable for new and novice delegates?
3. Is IYC suitable for experienced delegates?
4. Who is eligible to participate in IYC? What are the fees?
 5. What is the dress code for IYC?
6. Will I get a certificate for IYC?
 7. Are teachers and faculty allowed to come?
8. What are the resources provided for help with the committee?
9. How does a delegate register in order to participate in IYC? 
10. Which methods of payment can I use to register for IYC?
11. Does IYC 2020 have double delegation?
12. Can a delegate receive a refund post-registration due to unseen circumstances?
13. How will the committees be structured?
14. Which awards will be distributed at the end of the sessions?
15. What is “Night Crisis” and how can you be selected for it?
16. What MUN procedure does IYC follow?
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The MUN is set to take place online. 

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